deh yah

This is a useful verb that translates to “to go” or “to be going.” It’s a fully conjugated verb so the form changes depending on who you’re talking about.

  • déyá (I am going)
  • díníyá (you are going)
  • deeyá (he/she/it is going)
  • deet’áázh (we two are going)
  • dishoo’áázh (you two are going)
  • deezh’áázh (they two are going)
  • deekai (we are going – more than two)
  • disoohkai (you are going – more than two)
  • deeskai (they are going – more than two)

As an example, you can say the following:

Bii’nda’a’néhégóó deet’áázh. (Me and him are going to the gym.)

To use this verb, add -góó to the end of the place word and follow it by the correct verb form. It’s easy, because this can be done to English names as well.

Washingtongóó déyá.

Phoenixgóósh dishoo’áázh?

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