hah zhoh oh go

Dovetailing from yesterday’s word example, hazhó’ógo is Navajo for “slowly” or “carefully”. You might recognize part of this word from ‘baa shił hózhǫ́’, specifically the root -zhó. They share the connotation of something that exhibits great care or beauty.

There is also hazhóó’ógo - with the leading ó being drawn out. This is like saying “slowly”, by actually saying the word slower. “Hazhóó’ógo yááłti’” is telling someone “I spoke slowly”.

So now you have more context for one of yesterday’s examples: t’áadoo hazhó’ó. It’s essentially conveying the idea that something, be it an act or noun, doesn’t exhibit much care in the way it is held together

Note the trailing -go particle. This is also another hard-to-translate part of Navajo speech.