Áłchíní Binaaltsoos Series

I’m always very excited to see new Navajo language learning material online. A lot of this goes back to why I started NavajoWOTD – to contribute to more material for people to learn.

Kasandra Nelson - I Love You Navajo eBook

Now, Kasandra Nelson has created a series of ebooks in the Navajo language called Áłchíní Binaaltsoos – or Children’s Books. From her site, Kasandra is Kiiyaa’áanii and comes from Lók’aanteel. I noticed a post in the great Dine Bizaad Facebook group, and even my mother showed me the site.

The ebooks are presented in Navajo, followed by English meanings. Kasandra has made six titles available for personal or classroom use, and can be downloaded in PDF format. Additionally, the webpage for the ebooks features interactive flipbook-style reading options, as well as YouTube videos with narration. They’re easy to follow along – and for once it’s great to hear other voices narrating Navajo words*.

The titles include:

  • Shighangone’ – In My Home
  • Sam Yinishyé – My Name is Sam
  • Tsís’ná Bitł’izh – Honey
  • Láshgaan Bee Yiilchíhí – Nail Polish
  • Ayóó’ Áníínísh’ní – I Love You

Additionally, there’s a print book available for purchase, which helps support the work Kasandra is doing:

  • Thomas dóó Bik’éí (Thomas and his family)

Kasandra’s site can be found at www.kasandranelson.com/, and the ebooks can be found at this link.

Check it and support Kasandra!

*Sidebar: You’d be surprised at how different your voice sounds on a recording from what you think it sounds like (: