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Separately, different, distinct. The basic idea behind áł’ąą is “different,” which will often denote a variety of either things or actions. For instance, áł’ąą dine’é refers to different groups of people (generally, it refers to different racial groups). Another common grouping is ał’ąą át’éego, and that expression is used to denote more of a variety […]

Damóo Yázhí


This Navajo word means: Saturday! It’s literally “the little Sunday,” since Damóo is Navajo for Sunday. When you think about Yázhí, and how it can mean “the little one,” keep in mind that it’s a word referring to age. For example Dibé Yázhí describes young sheep, typically lambs. Navajo day names are entirely out of […]

Yá’át’ééh! Dííjį́ yéego hózhǫ́ dooleeł!


Hello! Do your best to make today great! In Navajo, yá’át’ééh is a greeting, but before it became widespread, it was used to mean “it is good”. The full impact of the word comes from yá-, or the skyward direction. Yéego (yégoh, yéígo) means “with much effort” or “with greater intensity”. Dooleeł means “it will […]