Starting Your Day (Scenario #1)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been creating a 10 part course for anyone that wants to get a better grasp on the Navajo language. Some parts I made didn’t quite fit in under any of the specific topics. One tutorial section called “Starting Your Day” had ideas about waking up, making the bed, going for a run, showering up, and breakfast. This week, I thought I’d share a little of what didn’t quite make it into the course – mostly sets of phrases.

Here is the part that touches on the part of the morning routine where you wake up:

To open your eyes


My eyes are closed.

Dishghaał; or, shináá’ ąą’ áshłééh.

I am opening my eyes.

Shináá’ ąą’ át’é; or, díínísh’į́į́’.

My eyes are open.

To be laying down

Shitsásk’eh bikáa’gi sétį́.

I am laying down on my bed.

Áníídí ch’ééńdzid.

I just woke up.

To be awoken


“Get out of bed.”


“You wake up.”

Náshidiiłt’e’; or, ch’ééh sinńsid.

She woke me up.

Have some fun with these – go crazy! And if you need pronunciations, they’ll be thrown up on the Soundcloud page.

Tutorial sections like this are part of the focus on phrases in the upcoming course. Based on the feedback from all of NavajoWOTD readers, I’ve really tried to think of things you can pick up and use everyday. Please, feel free to give me feedback – it really does help!

The Course

It’s called Better Navajo in 10 Days – think “lesson a day” like “word of the day.” I’ve given it a release date of April 2 (there’s a presale discount if you’re interested). You can find out more by clicking on the link in the sidebar – or below this post (or at this link).

Tomorrow, I’ll share the next section: Make the Bed – movement, blankets, and more!