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world or earth

nah hus dzah nh

The English meaning of the Navajo word nahasdzáán is the world, or the earth.

Looking closer at the word, you’ll notice asdzáán, which takes on the meaning of woman, or female.

In this sense, the earth is being referred to as taking on a motherly role, nurturing life and helping it develop.


circle or zero

nuz bus

The primary meaning of the Navajo word názbąs is circle, or in reference to that which is circular. There is a place on the Navajo reservation that is called Teec Nos Pos, which is a form of T’iis nazbas. It is a description of trees that are in a circular formation.

Názbąs has also been given a secondary meaning in the context of numbers. In this case it is the digit 0.


yucca fruit, banana

hush kahn

Hashk’aan is the Navajo word for banana.

If you were wondering how the Navajo people have a word for a fruit that isn’t native to the region, it’s because hashk’aan is also a word for the fruit of the yucca plant. The yucca plant itself is something that is abundant across the desert region.

Additionally, if you were to say Hashk’aan hadzohí you’d be referring to one of the Navajo clans. This translates approximately to yucca-fruit-strung-out-on-a-line.

nóomba (tens)

Navajo numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

Learning these multiples of 10 in Navajo brings you closer to learning how to count straight to 100. Remember: if you’re learning a language, nothing works better than repetition!

  • 10 - Neezná
  • 20 - Naadiin
  • 30 - Tádiin
  • 40 - Dízdiin
  • 50 - Ashdladiin
  • 60 - Hastą́diin
  • 70 - Tsosts’idiin
  • 80 - Tseebídiin
  • 90 - Náhást’édiin
  • 100 - T’ááłá’ídi neeznádiin



nah eed zeh-lth

Around some parts of the Navajo reservation, this may also be na’iigeeł.

This is the word for a dream during slumber (as opposed to conscious visions, epiphanies, or daydreaming).

It’s generally a word that can be used for either good or bad dreams. The nightmare type of dream has a more specific name and can be used in conjunction with na’iidzeeł to describe the type.

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