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Wááshindoon Aląąjį' Dahsidáhígíí

President Of Washington

wah shin done ah lah jih dah sih dah ig ee

The Navajo word aląąjį’ (also, alą́ąjį’) is literally “ahead” or “in front” as in “up in front.”

Wááshindoon is one word you’ve seen before (wáshindoon), and if you haven’t, you can probably guess that it means Washington.

The last word can be broken down like this: dah + sidá(h) + ígíí. Dah, same one from a few days ago, means elevated or suspended. Sidá, from the same post as dah, means “he is sitting down.” And -ígíí is an extended form of the -í nominalizer. It seems like this would be another word for chair, but it’s not exactly the same. It’s more “he is the one that is sitting (elevated).”

Aląąjį’ Dahsidáhígíí (also, Alą́ąjį’ Dahsidáhí) together is a phrase that refers to a Chapter House President (any president actually, but you’d have to specify the organization). Since Chapter House Presidents actually sit in front, commonly on platforms, they inherit this description.

Now, Wááshindoon Aląąjį’ Dahsidáhígíí is like specifying the Governmental President of Washington. And this, of course, is the President of the United States of America, currently President Obama.

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