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further in that direction

noh weh jih

From the Navajo speaker’s point of view, nówehjí is a direction away from him or her. It’s like saying “further that way” or “in that direction” while pointing with your lips or an extended arm. [Note: Navajo people generally do not point with only their index finger. Instead, all fingers are extended so none are pointing back towards the speaker.]

“The couch that is sitting furthest away is brand new.”

“I want to train the horse that is in the stall that is further that way.”

You can use it to point to any direction from the speaker, including fixed points. For example:

“Harold works further out beyond Farmington (on the other side of Farmington).”

For “further beyond [place]” you can use nówehgóó.

Nówehjį’ (no closing high tone, a glottal stop) is a little more commanding, meaning “move out of the way.”

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