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it is raining

nah hu-lth tyih nh

We’ll share with you today, and for the weekend, the Navajo word for “(it is) raining.”

Dinétah has been receiving a good amount of rain lately, and it just so happens that there is a form of this word that references the repetitive nature of rainstorms: nináháłtį́į́h (the rain is recurring).

There is also the past tense (meaning that the rain has completed its act of falling), known as nahóółtą́.

And of course, there is the future tense (meaning that the rain has yet to commence and be completed) which is nahodoołtį́į́ł.

Now there are other ways to say that the rain started, or the rain is coming, and you’ll usually hear a form of the root, which is -tį́į́ł. Whichever forms are more common depend on the area and the context, but it’s usually these four that are easier to use.

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