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learning it

boh hosh ah

Today’s word, and the following paradigm, is Navajo for “in the process of learning it.” Whatever the subject or matter, this word refers to the entire process of learning.

Compare this word to ííníshta’ (to study) and you’ll find that they are sometimes interchangeable. But ííníshta’ refers more to the act of reading out of a book or similar material. As you can imagine, not all things can be learned solely through the act of reading.

  1. bóhoosh’aah (I)
  2. bóhooł’aah (you)
  3. yíhooł’aah (him/her/it)
  4. bíhwiil’aah (we two)
  5. bíhooł’aah (you two)
  6. yíhooł’aah (they two)
  7. bídahwiil’aah (our group of more than two)
  8. bídahooł’aah (your group of more than two)
  9. yídahooł’aah (that group of more than two)

As a note, the form bíhoosh’aah is also used, or vocalized.

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