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tł'óo'di dóó tł'óó'góó

outdoors or outside

t-lth oh

In Navajo, tł’óó’ refers to the outdoors. It’s not exactly nature-focused – as in The Great Outdoors – but more like ‘outside’. Tł’óó’ is also in contrast to saying something like “the outside lane of the highway.”

It is almost always used by adding the suffix -di (which signifies “at”) to form the word tł’óo’di. This is used to say things like “He is walking around outside” or “They are cooking outside.”

Another way to use this word is with the -góó suffix (signifying “toward(s)”). Tł’óó’góó simply means “in the direction of the outside”, such as towards a door or outlet of some sort.

Between these two words, notice how you can blend the suffixes into the main word. Something that is normal tone, like -di, can change a preceding óó to óo – a falling tone. This makes speaking more ‘fluid-like’.

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