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to go and return

nih seh yah

Navajo has different words for “to go”, “to return” and “to go and return”. The word from the example yesterday, niséyá, is the first-person singular (“I”) for “to go and return”.

Here is the rest of the verb conjugation for niséyá:

  • niséyá (I went and came back)
  • nisíníyá (You went and came back)
  • naayá (He/she/it went and came back)
  • nishiit’áázh (We two …)
  • nishoo’áázh (You two …)
  • naazh’áázh (Those two …)
  • nisiikai (Us 3+ …)
  • nisoohkai (You 3+ …)
  • naaskai (They 3+ …)

Keep in mind that this is the form of the word that means an action has been carried out to completion - which is part of the way verbs are expressed in Navajo.

Any of these words can be swapped for niséyá in yesterday’s example to change between “I”, “you”, “they”, etc.

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