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azee’ neikahi


Azee’ is a Navajo word that refers to medicine.

In most cases azee’, used in combination with any number of descriptors, creates a reference to a clinical environment. This means that medical terminology and diagnostic terms will sometimes repeat azee’ across many words in the same sentence.

Neikahi (or sometimes neikáhí, or néikáhí) describes the act of carrying in a nominalized form, or “that which …”, and used together with azee’ means nurse.

Azee’ neikahi is the general Navajo term for a nurse, which may sometimes be expanded to include emergency staff or paramedics, or similar specialties (but may also have their own descriptors).

Note: The 1972 edition of Basic Medical Navajo by Alan Wilson adopted this terminology for nurses, whereas the 2001 printing of The Navajo Dictionary on [of] Diagnostic Terminology by The Diné Center for Human Development didn’t include an explicit term.

See also: Azee’ ííł’íní (doctor, or the one that makes medicine)

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