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nih-lth tsah

Since the monsoon season is revving up and we’ll be hitting some monsoon season weather, today’s Navajo word, níłtsą́, refers to the rain.

Somewhat similarly, and because you didn’t get a word yesterday, the Navajo word for hail is níló.**

Of course you’ll recall this post for wind (wind, wind?, wind!), which is still somewhat similar - níyol.

But we’re not done there; remember this post for November, and how it uses the word for air? The Navajo word for air is níłchi (or níłch’i - also a word for benevolent spirits).

Guess what the Navajo word for cloud is…nímbus! ha ha! But really it’s k’os. “Wouldn’t it be ník’os,” you may ask yourself. No. People will probably guess that you’re saying “your knee”.

Níłtsą́ bi’áád describes a modern-day bathroom shower.

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