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to know someone or how

beh hus sin

Similar to yesterday’s word, bééhasin has to do with the knowledge of other people or a skill. In particular, it means ‘to know (either a person or how to do something)’.

This verb is conjugated, so the word alters depending on point-of-view. Here they are:

  • bééhasin (also: báhasin, or bééhonisin) (speaking about one’s self)
  • bééhonísin (speaking about the person you’re speaking to)
  • yééhósin (speaking about someone not in the conversation)
  • bééhoniilzin (about one’s self and another person)
  • bééhonohsin (about the person you’re speaking to and another)
  • yééhósin (about two people not in the conversation)
  • béédahoniilzin (about one’s self and two or more other people)
  • béédahonohsin (about the person you’re speaking to and two or more people)
  • yéédahósin (about a group of three or more people)

In the last three plural forms you’ll notice -da-. This is a pluralizing word particle that’s used for both verbs and nouns (dabilį́į́’, for example, means “those peoples’ horses”; da + bí + łį́į́’).

Richard Ben Shelly yééhósin. (Richard knows Ben Shelly.)

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