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basic body parts

Here are a few parts of the body that are easily recognizable. These terms aren’t always applied to humans or animals. For example, chidí bitsiits’iin is literally “the vehicle, its head” and it refers to the engine. These are in the third person:

  • bíla’ – his hand
  • bigaan – his arm
  • bikee’ – his foot
  • bijáád – his leg
  • bijaa’ – his ear
  • bik’os – his neck
  • bigod – his knee
  • bikétsíín – his ankle
  • bitsiits’iin – his head

The first person and second person (i.e. “my hand” and “your hand”) are formed by changing the bi- particle to either shi- or ni-. So shikee’ would be “my foot” and nijaa’ would be “your ear”.

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