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bin knee nah

The Navajo word biniinaa functions in the language as a conjunction. In English, it is understood to mean “for that reason” or “because of.”

In usage, this conjunction is used in a statement when it follows a structure of cause followed by effect.

Here’s a demonstration that adapts an earlier example:

  • I just got out of the swimming pool, for that reason I took a shower.
  • I have classes across school campus, for that reason I bought a bike.
  • I have final exams next, for that reason I am studying now.
  • Michael does not need to stay around any longer, for that reason he will travel home after final exams.
  • Jerry cannot go forward, because you are in his way.
  • Mary will not buy meat, because I have meat.

Navajo speakers also use bąą in place of biniinaa when it fits the flow of the statement.

Related post: Háálá is another way to say “because,” but is used in cases when the effect is followed by the cause.

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