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hazhó'ógo dóó hazhóó'ógo

slowly, carefully

hah zhoh oh go

Dovetailing from the last word example, hazhó’ógo is Navajo for “slowly” or “carefully”. You might recognize part of this word from ‘baa shił hózhǫ́’ through their common root -zhó. They share some meaning relating to great care or balance.

There is also hazhóó’ógo where the pronunciation is drawn out in order to give it more emphasis. This is like drawing “slowly” out by saying “slooowly”.

“Hazhóó’ógo yááłti’” is you saying “I spoke slowly”.

To go the opposite way with the idea of being careful or deliberate, there’s the phrase t’áadoo hazhó’ó. It’s telling you about some thing or some action that doesn’t show proper care from the perspective of whoever is speaking.

By hearing the -go or -ó particles that are also in these words, you can begin to understand how these words help describe the way in which something was done. With practice, you’ll be better able to catch them in regular conversation.

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