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the part of the day that has passed

jee dah

Here is the Navajo word that designates a time in the past, specifically the part of the day that’s already gone.

You’ll notice some similarities to some previous words, like damóo yę́ędą́ą́’ (last sunday, last week) and dííjį́ (today, this day). With jį́į́dą́ą́’ you have the root from dííjį́ combined with the -dą́ą́’ particle to create a meaning that’s like saying “the (part of the) day that’s gone by”.

In conversation, you’ll hear this word commonly said at the beginning of the statement, or “today we did…etc.”.

Jį́į́dą́ą́’ Tségháhoodzánígóó niséyá. (Earlier today I went to [and came back from] Window Rock.)

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