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I want, on my mind

nih sin

Verb time; this word today, “nisin” expresses the English equivalent of “I desire (it)” or “I want (it).”

We should point out an interesting aspect of the following paradigm: the first and second person forms also mean “to think (it)” or “to be of the opinion of.” We touched a little upon this in our post for “Ahéhee’” in which we used nisin to express gratitude.

Here’s the paradigm:

  1. nisin (“i”)
  2. nínízin (“you”)
  3. ńizin (“he/she/it”)
  4. niidzin (“we two”)
  5. nohsin (“you two”)
  6. nízin (“they two”)
  7. daniidzin (“us three [or more]”)
  8. danohsin (“you three [or more]”)
  9. danízin (“they three [or more]”)

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