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name, I am called

yin nish yeh

Today’s Navajo word is yinishyé. In English, it’s part of a verb group that means “to be named” or “to be called.”

For example, if my name were Fenton I would introduce myself like this: “Yá’át’ééh, shí éí Fenton yinishyé.”

There are also the words yinilyé and wolyé, the former being used in the second person and the latter the third person.

For example, if I wanted to ask you what your name is, I would say: “Haash yinilyé?” Or, if I wanted to point out someone else’s name in the third person, I could say: “Larry bimá éí Patty wolyé.”

These are arguably some of the first phrases all Navajo language curriculums teach.

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