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gambling or casino

nah uzh oh-sh

Na’azhǫǫsh is the Navajo name for a game that involves a hoop and stick, and in modern usage refers to gambling or a casino.

In Navajo tradition, the game was well known among the many people of the old world. It is often said that Coyote was once very beautiful, with a lustrous coat of fur. But he lost a game of na’azhǫǫsh to the otters, in which he bet his skin. It was replaced with the coat like the badgers, which was rough and coarse.

Now, with the construction of multiple casino facilities around the Navajo Nation, the game is symbolic of the gamblers who played it. The Twin Arrows casino, which is yet to be completed, between Winslow, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ is one such Navajo casino.

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