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west or sunset

eh eh ah

Yá’át’ééh! K’ad dííjį́’ éí nda’iiníísh!

Your Friday, and weekend, word is e’e’aah, which means evening, sundown, sunset, or west.

Navajo culture teaches that both nature and the universe are inherently ordered, and in keeping with that belief the west is considered the third direction. It does not mean that it is any less significant than the other directions. In fact, symbolically speaking, e’e’aah is associated with the carrying out of the living and learning process that began with the rising sun (ha’a’aah) and its next stage as it rises towards noon (shadi’aah). It is the execution of our thoughts and our planning.

This doesn’t mean you should spend all morning and noon thinking and planning, and then wait until the evening to do work! The four cardinal directions simply serve as a reminder of this process, and is there to be observed and applied in life.

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