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read, study, school

ee nish tah

Ííníshta’ is an action word that means “to study” or “to read/count” in Navajo. In a more modern context, it also means “to go to school” or even as the noun “school.”

It is the first-person form (the “I” form) in the verb paradigm:

  1. ííníshta’ (I)
  2. ííníłta’ (you)
  3. ółta’ (he/she/it)
  4. ííníilta’ (we two)
  5. íínółta’ (you two)
  6. ółta’ (those two)
  7. da’ííníilta’ (us 3+)
  8. da’íínółta’ (you 3+)
  9. da’ółta’ (they 3+)

Using this verb and previous words of the day, here’s a sentence for you to memorize:

Diné bizaad baa ííníshta’. I am studying the Navajo language.

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