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to know

beh hoze in

In Navajo bééhózin is a verb that means that something is known, or that knowledge about something exists.

Navajo verbs often change form based on point of view, but bééhózin doesn’t need to change. For example, shił bééhózin becomes nił bééhózin or bił bééhózin when the point of view changes from the first to either the second or third (ie. “I know” -> “you know” or “he/she/it knows”).

You may want to express the opposite, or ‘…do not know’, in which case you negate using doo … da. “I do not know” is “Doo shił bééhózin da”, “You do not know” is “Doo nił bééhózin da”, and “He/she/it does not know” is “Doo bił bééhózin da”.

In general, this is a more respectful way of saying “I don’t know.” Another expression, hóla (hwólah, wólah), could mean “I don’t know and I don’t care”. It’s less formal and should be used when there is absolutely no confusion over connotation.

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